S​/​T Demo

by Dutch Boys!

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The product of two overnight sessions at NYU Steinhardt, these raw demos are the results of a period of tumultuous transformation for Dutch Boys

Thanks to Jake Zacharia for Recording/Mixing/Mastering, Pete Diamantis for his cover art, and all of you fools for being here to read this.


released July 24, 2015

On this record, Dutch Boys! is:
Mike Kirkland - Vocals/Guitar
Dan Connolly - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Jake Zacharia - Recording/Mixing/Mastering/Drums



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Dutch Boys! New Jersey

NJ Emo\Punk band devoted to nostalgic melody and riff-driven songs

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Track Name: Brand Nubian
The spaces in between
You've become my armory
My angel of disgrace,
and my excuse to never change

Eyes closed I'll move again
Plastered myself,
Your face said it all, the truth was meant for someone else

Meant for someone else
Track Name: Escapist Behavior
So true, so true
Last night I thought of you
But it wasn't so much happy as it was another interrupted sleep
But I know, I know
You've got nowhere else to go

And we're best friends now
But even they can't figure me out
You'll cry when you're alone
and all your friends are gone

I'm running from my best friends now,
Cause even they can't figure me out
But don't worry darling, I'll replace you somehow
While you bitch and moan till you're all alone
Drowning in your house
I never let you down, you just couldn't be helped
I never let you down until you shut me out
Track Name: Heavy Ashes
It never quite felt the same
nights in your hallway sparked our flame
under blanket, Heavy Ashes
falling through my fingers finally

I only had two things
what I want, and what can never be
with your eyes closed, close to me

I'm ruining my life with old friends
and steering my course with misguided convictions
she gets mad at me
when I tell her all the lies she didn't see
Track Name: Dwight Yoaakem
No, I won't owe you anything
I never needed this world, and I never needed you
I'm just waiting for my message to get through

I was born, feeling like I didn't have permission to feel alright
I thought that I'd still have some time, but I didn't think I'd end this early

I want you near me
I'm sick
Track Name: Eat My Shorts
I know what I must do, and it has nothing to do with you
maybe the hinges will rust one day, to reveal what was locked away

In your defense I left you there, but I never saw the downside
bleeding heart already yesterday, saw her hanging from a street sign

I hope you make it, I hope you do

Come down to earth angel
come relieve me from my post
come down to earth angel
this time I need you most